Amazing Things

Over the past few months, we’ve made significant strides in our property development. We had the funding to install a submersible pump in our 200-foot deep well, raise a water tower, install solar power, and dig and lay pipe for our main water line. We’re currently preparing to build the foundation for our first structure! We’re calling it “The Eagle’s Nest!” This outdoor pavilion overlooking the whole city of Chipata will be the heart of our property as we bring Team Hope and our Zambian partners together to strategize and fellowship. The Lord has blessed this work as we lay the groundwork for a permanent home and place where we can focus the efforts of our missionary team. Pray with us as we move forward with this project. We will do what we can, where we can, with what God gives us...

Your prayers and support have also made a real difference in our village ministry. We’ve seen impressive growth among our church leaders at Chiyembekezo and throughout the communities they serve. We just baptized six men and installed new officers in the church. Even more encouraging is that we recently discovered they’ve been going to a nearby village area and have organized their own church plant! All of this has been happening while wrapping up our second-quarter Bible School in the village. Thirty-six men from sixteen churches joined us for four days of intense study and fellowship around the Word of God! This event is going to be the highlight of our entire village ministry. Our next meeting will be held September 11-14, 2024, if any of you pastors are interested in joining us for this teaching event! Contact me for more details at [email protected]

Our city ministry is growing as the Lord brings more people to Hope Bible Baptist Church of Chipata. Folks are getting saved, starting discipleship, and are eager to get involved in God’s work! We just launched our new radio program, The Christian Roundtable, reaching up to a million people in Chipata and the surrounding area. We’ve already received a lot of positive feedback from this new ministry as we teach sound doctrine across the airwaves of Zambia’s Eastern Province. In the coming months, we’ll take our city church to the village to visit Chiyemkezo as we connect these two ministries. This has been our goal for some time as we instill in our people a desire to serve and get involved to do their part in the great commission. Amazing things are happening, and we’re thrilled to see it all come together!

A Little Letter From Lisa:

We had to go up to the property to check on some progress with the latest project. While Damon coordinates details, the kids and I like to break into groups and walk the perimeter to get our steps in. As I walked and chatted with Aria, I told her walking was my favorite form of exercise and then asked her what her favorite was. “Being invited to birthday parties is my favorite!!” I had to laugh. Maybe not much exercise happens at those, but no one can argue why they’re a favorite with the 7-year-old!

Building the Property

Every time we step foot on our ten-acre property, we’re amazed at how God brought everything together to make this dream a reality! Our vision is to build a permanent home to work from as we centralize our efforts with Team Hope. This initiative is a big step towards our long-term goal of building a radio studio, discipleship classrooms, printshop, and short- and long-term housing for college interns considering a life in missions. We’re going into this with our eyes open, knowing it’s a giant undertaking. But nothing great has ever been accomplished by maintaining the status quo. And should we not seek to do something great for God?! How often are we content with doing only what we feel is possible? How long will we wait until we’re ready to step out by faith and attempt the “great things” God is waiting to accomplish through those who trust Him? We have a big vision because we have a big God. Join us as we make disciples of all nations! Maybe you can participate by giving, or perhaps God wants you to work alongside us on the field. Ask God to reveal Himself to you. Ask, believing that He is fully able to answer, to help and to work on your behalf.

Bible School in the Village

We just completed our Bible School for the second quarter of 2024! It was a great meeting and definitely one of the highlights of our year. Thirty-six men from sixteen churches in the surrounding area were in attendance. Their wives joined in later in the week as we touched on topics of the home, family, and marriage. All in all, it was a complete success! We have some big ideas for our next event in September and even now are preparing and laying out plans. Please pray with us as we continue to lay a Biblical foundation in the lives of these leaders.

Become a Financial Partner!

Will you consider joining the cause? Monthly support is like the steady drumbeat that lets us plan, expand, and ensure no one misses out on hearing about Jesus. We totally understand if you’re already doing all that you can. We’re grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to serve and the unwavering support that so many have shown us. As our mission continues to expand, we’re reaching more communities, raising more disciples, and, yes, incurring more expenses. It’s a positive challenge to have, as it means that our efforts are making a greater impact and touching more lives. Thank you for being by our side on this journey and for considering diving even deeper with us. May God bless you as you serve Him! 

Written by Damon