A Tale of Two Projects

Out in the beautiful Eastern Province of Zambia, something extraordinary is happening. We’ve got two big projects going on here, each playing its part in a shared dream. We’re talking about the work on our city property and the Hope Bible Baptist Church building project in Chipata. These projects are like two sides of the same coin, working together to spread the Gospel throughout Zambia and beyond! Understanding their differences and how they complement each other will give you insight into our vision and their collective impact on our ministry.

The City Property: Where the Action Happens!

Picture this: a place buzzing with energy and ideas. That’s our property in the city. It’s where we pull together all the nuts and bolts of what we do. Here, Damon and Lisa Matacchiera are using their land to create a vibrant place to help assist the ministry. Envision classrooms where local church leaders can grow in their faith, a radio studio to share our stories, and even a print shop to get the Word out. But what we’re doing isn’t just for Chipata – it’s for the whole region and beyond We’ll also open our doors to college students from the States who are thinking about getting into mission work, offering them a real taste of life on the mission field. This operational hub will act primarily as the heart of strategic planning and coordination within the missionary team for all facets of our work.

Hope Bible Baptist Church: More Than Just a Building.

On the flip side, we have Hope Bible Baptist Church. This isn’t just about putting up a new church building; it’s about creating a place where the local community can come together and unite around the Gospel. It will be a place for worship, fellowship, growing in faith, and supporting each other. HBBC is set to be a real hub of activity and hope in the community. And while we missionaries are starting things off, the plan is all about passing the baton to the local leaders. We’re here to mentor, train, and support, ensuring the church is in good hands for the future.

Both our property and the Church have their respective roles, but they come together to make something remarkable. The work on our land will be the behind-the-scenes area where all the planning and prep happens with the missionaries, and the church is where we bring all that effort to life. It’s a team effort, each supporting the other to make a difference in people’s lives.

It’s an exciting time here in Zambia, and these two projects are at the heart of it all. They show how different efforts can unite for a common goal, changing lives and bringing hope to a whole community.

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Written by Damon