Building a Sustainable Ministry

It's important for us to build a ministry that empowers without creating a system of dependency. Our strategy reflects a decision to partner alongside local believers as we serve together to make disciples of all nations. Hope Zambia is currently building two main platforms to operate from, one in the village and the other in the city. Both will be used as central hubs as we train God's people in sound doctrine and Christian living. 



Chiyembekezo Mpingo wa Baptist

Chiyembekezo (Hope) has been one of the main highlights of our ministry from 2015 to 2020. This church is currently run by Zambian men that have been trained and discipled.  CMB is also the location of our regional Hope Zambia discipleship seminars where we hold quarterly block courses for our people as well as other likeminded believers in the area. This mission station has great significance as we continue to train believers and plant churches throughout Zambia's Eastern Province! Read how this church began HERE


Hope Bible Baptist Church

Hope Bible Baptist Church is the beginning of a much larger evangelistic push in the Eastern Province.  While the city definitely has a lot of religion, most follow an ecumenical philosophy and have adopted many false doctrines. Our goal is to establish a church that has a foundation built on Biblical truth. In time our desire is to operate a Bible Institute that will serve to reach our entire Eastern Province. We’re laying the foundation for a place to train believers in our faith and to have a church for them to serve in. Hope Chipata is the next phase of our ministry and we’re really excited about what God is doing!



As we continue in places where we’re established, our desire is to periodically venture into the regions beyond where Christ is not known. Hope Zambia: Expeditions will start a new chapter in our outreach ministry as we take road trips out to areas with limited to no Gospel access. The launch of this endeavor will work hand in hand with the groundwork we've laid in our Chiyembekezo and Hope Chipata ministries. These will be missionary journeys that we take with our Zambian disciples! We'll be driving off-road, tenting and holding open air meetings in new areas that we've never been to... and we're inviting you to join us. Fill out your application to join this epic journey as we take the Gospel to the regions beyond!


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