The work at Hope Zambia is built on teamwork from both our Zambian and Stateside partners! We're a network of independent Baptist missionaries that are both like-minded in our theology and methods. Though representing from various mission boards, we desire to utilize our strengths to advance the Gospel in Eastern Zambia and beyond! We understand that God's mission is a collaborative effort and that we can accomplish more by working together. There's something we all can do, whether at home or abroad, as we promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


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The Matacchiera Family


The Matacchiera family have been serving in Zambia for the last 20 years with World For the World Baptist Missions. Damon, Lisa and their six children reside in the city of Chipata while ministering in the town and surrounding villages. Their desire is to equip and empower God's people in Zambia to make disciples and fulfill their part in the great commission. While serving in this capacity, they also wish to continue expanding the mission at Hope Zambia as more join to work in this field.

The Robinson Family


The Robinsons have extensive ministry experience and are with Baptist International Missions Inc. They’ve already raised about 91% of their support and their Zambian work permits have been completed and are in hand! The only thing remaining is for more churches and individuals to financially partner with this amazing family! We highly recommend the Robinson’s to you and ask that you consider partnering with this family.



  • 2 Week Trip
  • City & Village Work
  • Conferences & VBS
  • Safari Drive


  • 2-3 Month Trip
  • Field Experience
  • Language Intro
  • Mentor Shadowing


  • Long-Term
  • Ministry Building
  • Leadership Training
  • Discipleship


There's no greater cause to give towards than the mission of making disciples of all nations! Would you join us and take an active part in the work at Hope Zambia?

What People Are Saying...

"Their method to reach the locals is refreshing. ...They’ve helped plant fruit trees, provide baby supplies to expectant mothers, provide footwear and started their own church building program all while reaching out to the spiritual needs of the people. All very exciting things to watch." - P. Steen

What People Are Saying...

"I would like to recommend Caleb and Abigail Robinson as missionaries to Zambia, Africa. My daughter Abigail along with her husband Caleb were both raised in conservative Christian homes and are solid in their doctrine and practice." - Pastor J. Walker

What People Are Saying...

"Damon and his family are as real as it gets! their devotion to Christ and their passion for Zambia is paramount. Every post I see with updates of their work is encouraging and convicting. This is a great ministry and a wonderful family." -Pastor J. Conner

What People Are Saying...

"Their desire to see people come to Christ, is demonstrated in the short term, by faithfully sharing The Gospel, and in the long term by dedicating their lives to raising faithful men to lead Christ centered homes and churches, who, themselves will raise more men and women for the cause of Christ for decades to come!" - J. Halk

What People Are Saying...

"The work that Damon and his team do on a regular basis a direct, positive, and eternal impact. I highly recommend this organization and family. They have been a real blessing to us over the years!" - Pastor N. Russo

What People Are Saying...

"I have personally seen and have been a part of Caleb and Abby’s dedication to service... We are honored to partner with them, and together we add another faithful couple to the work of fulfilling the Great Commission and seeing souls come to Christ." - Pastor J. Horner

Current Fundraiser Campaigns

Everything that we do at Hope Zambia is funded by people like you! It's through the generosity of individuals, churches and organizations that we can move forward with our work in this Sub-Saharan country! Hope Zambia is a Baptist, faith based organization that's dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Would you consider helping with one of our current needs?

Property in Chipata - Phase 1
Radio Station - Phase 1
Matacchiera Monthly Funding
Robinson Monthly Funding
Ministry Dirt Bike
Land Cruiser Fund