We just gained a NEW SUPPORTER! Will you also consider joining the cause? This week, we’re reaching out to our ever-supportive circle (yes, I’m looking at you! 😉). We would love to bring on board some incredible folks who might consider supporting us on a monthly basis. Every bit helps, from the price of a couple of cappuccinos to a dinner out. It all goes straight into nurturing our growing mission and expanding our reach for the Gospel’s sake.

Monthly support is like the steady drumbeat that lets us plan, expand, and ensure no one misses out on hearing about Jesus. We totally understand if you’re already doing all that you can. Sharing this post to help us raise awareness around the cause in the regions beyond goes a long way, too!

We’re grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to serve and the unwavering support that you’ve shown us. As our mission continues to expand, we’re reaching more communities, raising more disciples, and, yes, incurring more expenses. It’s a positive challenge to have, as it means that our efforts are making a greater impact and touching more lives.

Thank you for being by our side on this journey and for considering diving even deeper with us. ❤️🙌

Written by Damon