Fresh Water Drilling

Clean, uncontaminated water is a huge problem for many villages. Surface runoff often finds its way into many of the shallow wells, making them unusable for drinking water. This particular problem is compounded because most wells aren’t sealed. I’ve been told many times how snakes or rats have periodically fallen in and died in the water. Without a way to remove the poison far below, the well is written off and closed down.

In addition to this, wells without caps are extremely dangerous for young children who may accidentally stumble in. Many of the shallow wells can’t provide enough water for the population for which it services. It’s very common for women to find that the well is dry and then are forced to sleep beside it to be the first ones in line once the water is replenished. Ladies are often absent because of this as they wait hours in order to take home this precious resource for their families. Our desire is to drill as many wells as possible in an attempt provide enough water to supply whole communities. As they say here in Zambia… “water is life.”

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Written by Damon