Time to Leave the USA

Though the rainy season in Zambia officially began in December, the rains are just becoming consistent enough for farmers to plant their crops. This season is one of the village’s busiest times, so most of Chiyembekezo are out in the fields. The church just finished a youth meeting with over a hundred in attendance. I love that they’ve started planning their own events. We’ll continue to nurture this confidence in serving the Lord even as we transition back to the ministry there. Please pray for these believers and their continued spiritual growth. 

This update will be our last report Stateside as we prep for our return to Zambia in February. Many have asked about Lisa’s health and how she’s progressed in her recovery with long covid. Her heart condition is stable, but we’re still praying for healing with her eyes. Some days are better than others, but overall there’s a significant improvement from how she was when we first came back. It seems as if it will be a long road to a full recovery. Would you please keep her in your prayers, especially as we attempt to continue treatment in Zambia? Everyone else in the family is doing well as we all prepare for the transition back to life in Africa. It’s always a bitter-sweet thing to leave one home and move to another. We recently sent several barrels to Zambia with supplies for our ministry and family in anticipation of our rapidly approaching departure date. They should arrive in-country within 8 to 10 weeks. The vacation Bible school barrel is still receiving items in New York, so there’s time if you would like to participate.

We’re so thankful for those who’ve helped us along the way during this medical furlough. There’s no way to adequately thank you for the sacrifice and love you’ve shown to our family. So until our next report from Zambia, may God bless you. 

A Little Letter From Lisa:

As native New Yorkers, Damon and I are taking the recent temperature plummet in stride. We layer, and go for it. Our organizing and barrel-packing has been done with a box in one (gloved) hand and a shovel in the other! It somehow feels fitting to navigate snow drifts and black ice to prepare for returning to life in Zambia. But for several of our children, they have spent most of their life in Africa and this is the first sub-freezing weather they have experienced. As the days got colder, their anticipation grew for that first significant storm so they could go outside for a snow ball fight and make some snow angels! Lake Effect came through, and we layered and bundled and zipped them up to enjoy the 13 inches in the back yard. And our little tropical babies lasted about 13 minutes. One minute for every inch! They loved every minute outside almost as much as the hot cocoa they thawed out with. 😉

Written by Damon