The Chiyembekezo Site

2019 starts our third year with the Chiyembekezo building program and we’re so close to the finish line! Today, as I look at this church going up, I can remember the many families entering the mud pit as we hand molded tens of thousands of bricks! I remember my own children running the molds to where they would be placed to dry in the sun. My thoughts go back recalling the two different teams from the USA that partnered with Chiyembekezo and physically took part in building the kilns. I’m so thankful for those who have financially given to make this project a reality. It’s been a long and muddy journey.

This building has great importance as it opens the door to the next phase of ministry for us. We’ll now have the means not only to accommodate our weekly meetings but also in hosting major events for the area. 

Our vision includes:

  • Men’s, Ladies and Youth conferences.
  • Our annual August conference.
  • A specialized School of Discipleship
  • A Pastor’s Refresher Course
  • Meetings for health and wellness

…and much, much more! 

Please continue to follow us as we move forward with this project and if you feel led to give financially, you can follow the link below.  

Click HERE to help!

Written by Damon