Hope Zambia Mission Startup

Thank you for your consideration to financially assist our ministry. Without your sacrifice, we couldn't work and help others in Zambia's Eastern Province. Below are a few items that can help the continued growth and expansion of our ministry.


Primary Vehicle Upgrade

Currently, our greatest need is an off-road vehicle that can take us out to the bush and back. The Toyota - Land Cruiser is the backbone of all African, bush travel. It can literally get anywhere and that's exactly where we need to go! This truck will replace our current 1999 Land Cruiser Prado. $40,000 will cover the cost to purchase this used 4x4 vehicle and equip it for the African roads.

This Vehicle's Influence

  • New Village Surveys
  • Remote Access Travel
  • Rainy Season Travel
  • New Church Work
  • Well Drilling Surveys
  • Relief Aid
  • Ministry Logistics
  • Village Visits
  • Exploratory Trips
  • Hospital Runs
  • Remote Bible Studies
  • Bush Driving
Funds Given

Proclaimer - Audio Bible

This is an incredible tool that we use in the village as most of the population is illiterate. The Proclaimer Audio Bible is solar or hand cranked and can play for 15 hrs on one charge. It's the complete Bible and done in the local language of Chichewa. Often before we have a church, this audio Bible acts as a Bible study in itself where the village can come and listen to the Word of God.

This Item's Influence

  • Bible Study
  • Verse Memorization
  • Used at church
  • Used in the village
  • Used in the fields
  • Used as rally point
  • Bible reading
  • Church plant assist
  • Used for large crowds
  • Ideal in isolated places
  • In local language
  • Used to help read
Devices Funded