Community Help

Our desire is to not only show God's love to the community in word but also in action. Please consider partnering with us and donating to some of these worthy projects. Together, we can assist with some of the most basic needs in life.

Well Drilling - Mbenjere Village

Well Drilling

The saying in Africa "water is life" is profoundly true because of its affects on all aspects of living. Many villages in the bush use shallow wells. The danger is that these wells have a high risk of surface contamination, leading to sickness and disease. We're in a position to help the community with fresh, clean water that has the potential to assist thousands on a daily basis. In addition to this, these well locations open the door for cell group Bible studies and even future church plants. Each well only costs $2,500.

A Wells Influence

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Drinking Water
  • House Maintenance
  • Farm Upkeep
  • Local Medical
  • Irrigation
  • Gardening
  • Community Outreach
  • Fruit Tree Farms
  • Preaching Points
  • Cell Bible Studies
  • Potential Church Plants
Wells Drilled
Baby Baskets - Chitandika Clinic

Baby Baskets

Many women in the village don't have the means to supply all the necessary items to deliver their baby at the clinic. This results with mothers staying home, leading to many potential complications or even loss of life. For $15 a basket, we can help ensure that these women have every opportunity to have a safe delivery for their baby. This is a great opportunity to help the community and give the Gospel to so many.

This Project's Influence

  • Baby's Safe Delivery
  • Mother's Health
  • Practical Instruction
  • Health Awareness
  • Community Service
  • Relief Aid
  • Bible Study
  • Evangelistic Effort
  • Clinic Support
  • Hope Outreach
  • Gospel Centered
  • Medical Missions
Baskets Funded

Fruit Tree Farms

In an effort to help fight hunger and malnutrition, Hope Zambia is preparing to organize a special campaign to plant fruit trees on all the plots where we previously drilled wells. We currently have the funding for three orchards. Once these have been planted, and we can evaluate the effectiveness of the program, we'll see if this is something that we can continue on a larger scale. Each orchard costs $1,000 and includes 100 trees, hardware to construct a fence and an upgraded pedestal for the pump.

This Project's Influence

  • Hunger & Malnutrition
  • Gospel Outreach
  • Village Development
  • Health Awareness
  • Alternate Food Source
  • Relief Aid
  • Bible Study
  • Evangelistic Effort
  • Community Centers
  • Children's Health
  • Food Resource
  • Medical Missions
Orchards Funded