More than a church

Chiyembekezo is more than a church. It's who we are and what we’re building. It defines the need that’s found in so many of the villages throughout Zambia’s Eastern Province. Chiyembekezo means hope.

A Story of Hope

Living in the village is hard and for many, life is about survival. The challenges and fears that come from this daily struggle often bring about a desperate search for relief. Many seek help from their traditional beliefs based in witchcraft and superstition. This mindset has stunted social, economic and spiritual development within the village setup. At Chiyembekezo, we're helping build a community that's centered around our faith in God and a love to help others. 

Hope is a Choice That's Made in the Dark

The message of Chiyembekezo is that we all have value and that each person has a purpose and part to play in God's redemptive plan. No village or people group is too remote that they're beyond saving. God has given us this mission to reach these people with the message of Hope.


Teaching Youth

Reaching children during their most impressionable years.


Building Families

Equipping the family unit to succeed and serve God together.


Raising Leaders

Raising the next generation of servant leaders in eastern Zambia.

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The Next Step...

Consider partnering together with us to help spread the message of Hope. The identifying mark of a disciple of Jesus Christ is the love that we show one to another. What can you do to help give chiyembekezo to the world?