A Vision

It’s important to have a vision and to identify what opportunities the future holds. This is true whether we’re talking about leading a growing corporation, church or mission station. But simply having a vision is not enough if it doesn’t inspire and motivate people to action. 

I was at the Chiyembekezo work site the other day and the bricklayer told me something that really got me excited. Everyday the women’s choir walks 1K to the well with twenty-liter buckets so that the workers have enough water to use throughout the day. On one such run, the ladies all stood inside the sanctuary as the men worked on the walls, each brick hand made by the church. These same women had stood in the mud pits months earlier, molding 80,000 pan-bricks. Now the walls were starting to take shape and it was then that they saw it. They saw my vision that I’ve been talking about for two years! They saw what this building would mean to the whole region and the value of their sacrifice. The ladies got in their lineup as they would on a Sunday morning and began to sing. They sang as if the whole building was full of people and afterwards commented on how they couldn’t wait to do so. They weren’t looking at the building as Pastor Marco’s crazy two year program that had no end in sight… lol!  They saw their church and what it would look like in the future. In the course of singing one song, they gained ownership in a work that they now understood. 

2019 is going to be a great year. 

Written by Damon