About Us

Hope Zambia's Founder

Damon Matacchiera's life experience throughout his eighteen years on the field have culminated in the formation of Hope Baptist Ministries of Zambia in mid 2018. This organization was setup to train  the next generation of servant leaders in eastern Zambia. In addition to this, Hope Zambia is involved in a number of humanitarian aid projects that have impacted thousands of people in the village. Damon is currently serving on the field with his wife Lisa and six children.

About Us

Living the Adventure!

The Matacchiera family loves living life, they love each other and they love sharing their faith. Throughout their time abroad, they've had the opportunity to learn many insights in Zambian culture and how things operate on the African continent. This knowledge has equipped them in helping meet both the African's physical and spiritual needs. Their desire as a family is to help empower the Zambian people in their own faith and to enable them to reach out in turn to other villages.

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